Friday, April 15, 2016

Magazine Files with the Downton Abbey Papercrafting Collection

Looking for a place to store your small magazines in style, or a fun way to package a set of notecards? This tutorial will show you how to create both a small & large magazine file using elements from our Downton Abbey papercrafting range, available on our website Monday, April 18th.

Using the Downton Abbey elements gives this project a timeless, vintage feel. If you wanted to update it for a teenager, choose brighter patterned paper, or decorate plain white cardstock using stamps and ink (or color images with our Spectrum Noir range!)

Inside the small magazine file, she made a card set using coordinating supplies and included envelopes for each card. Wouldn't this make an amazing gift?

Crafter's Companion Supplies:

also featured: Downton Abbey Papercrafting Collection (Stamps, Patterned Paper, Dies, Toppers, Embellishments) -- links coming soon!


Template for Small Magazine File

NOTE: Scoring and trimming measurements are listed on the template above.

Step 1: Trim two pieces of Construction cardstock 8" x 8".

Step 2: Along one side of the cardstock, using The Big Score, score a line at 1" & 6".

Step 3: Flip the cardstock to the other 8" edge, score at 2".

Step 4: From the top left corner, measure 2 1/2" and score at an angle to the 1" score mark.  Leaving about 3/4" as excess, trim off the triangle piece with paper trimmer.  The excess will be folded inside to create a nice finished edge. (when scoring and cutting the second piece of cardstock - begin from the top right corner)

Step 5: Trim the notch markers along the left side (2) and bottom (for the piece on the left). For the piece on the right, trim the two notch marks on the right & then cut off the bottom corner (see above).

Repeat steps 1-5 on the other piece of cardstock.

Step 6: Add strong adhesive to the inside of the magazine file (see photo above).

Step 7: Add strong adhesive to the outside of the magazine file (see photos above).

Step 8: Glue the middle sections of the left and right sides together so they are now one large piece.

Step 9: Begin folding the magazine file together by gluing the 2" bottom center flat to the right side bottom flap.

Step 10: Glue the left side bottom flap to the bottom of the magazine file.

Step 11: Trim a piece of Construction cardstock 10" x 2" for the front finishing. Score at 5"& 9".   Glue that piece on the bottom & front of the magazine file and then the top 1" flap, fold and glue down for a finished edge.

Step 12: Decorate with colored cardstock, patterned papers and trims.  Finished size is 6" tall, 5" deep, and 2" wide. Perfect for a set of cards with envelopes.

Recently we had a customer request the dimensions for this same project in a full magazine file size.

This file requires the use of 16" x 16" Construction Cardstock. The finished size of the project below is 12" tall, 10" deep and 4" wide. (see template below)

TIP: It is very important to use a strong construction cardstock & adhesive for this project because magazines can be heavy so strong materials are needed.  

Full Size Magazine File
NOTE: Use this template to cut two pieces.

The piece for the front flap should be 15" x 4" and scored at 1" & 5".

Both magazine files are decorated with supplies from the Downton Abbey Papercrafting Collection.

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